Success Stories

Board of Directors


As we arrive at our 20th anniversary of Stable Vision Group, I am overwhelmed by flashes of fond memories of our journey to be here today.

I started my career as an ambitious teacher in one of the Chinese independent school, an idealist scholar and happy to dispense knowledge to younger society. However, the earnings from teaching cannot sustain our standard of living which eventually forced a change of career path. After much consideration, both my wife and I were in accordance that selling life insurance would not only improve our living conditions but would also allow us to pursue our dreams, which is to help people. That’s how we decided to join this particular insurance agency adding to our big family. It was quite a bumpy start-up ride, and there were times that we felt lost. I’m grateful that my wife is always being supportive, encouraging and helping each other along the way. We learnt to take a step at a time to gradually building our business.

Today, I’m proud to see Stable Vision Group is performing strong and resilience, backed by solid foundations. I hope we can continue to develop more talents within our group and keep the business expanding. Most importantly, we have to thank our policy holders, for their trusts and love which have nurtured Stable Vision Group all these years, in return the Group will now cover and shelter every one of you.

May Stable Vision Group continuously to have more 20 years ahead!






My very first experience with the industry was a failure. Like most of rookie agents, lacking in confidence, coupled with the absence of proper training, my business was getting nowhere. In 3 years, I could only manage to secure 3 cases, and without any alternatives but to leave the industry.

In 1988, upon the encouragement of my high school teacher, Mr K C Low, I decided to give myself another chance to build my career life again in the life insurance industry. Unfortunately, peoples around didn’t agree with my decision and a lot of them didn’t think I would succeed. I was inspired after attended a seminar that shared on how to achieve MDRT, my mindset and target was set from then on.

After 6 years since I made a comeback to the industry, in 1994, I finally achieved my first MDRT! Following that, I was a MDRT qualifier for 10 consecutive years, and then I made another great leap forward by recording a new achievement on my report card — being qualified as MDRT Life Member. I again hit the sales record and became MDRT qualifier for another 3 years, there were total number of 13 times which I was honoured as a MDRT qualifier.  

My target and aim now is to train and develop more insurance elites, recruit more youngsters into the group. Let’s work together towards another 20 years!





Time files, Stable Vision Group is now having its 20th anniversary!

Looking back, I can still remember the old times vividly. I was just an ordinary person, working like every ordinary person to make ends meet. I married a high school teacher whom leads me to another stage of life and exposed me to many different life experiences. I am thankful for all the experiences, regardless they were bitters or sweets, they made me stronger, cherish myself more and being ambitious.

My husband and I realised life is full of uncertainty. We made our biggest decision then to change our career path and join the life insurance industry as agents. We both adhered to a common principle, that is to provide our services with care, aimed at helping people, to get them insured and be prepared for any uncertainty in life. Our 20 years of hard works are now paying off. Today, I will still uphold the principle to serve with care, work tirelessly without any regrets, expecting to build a better network within our group and continue to share joys and love amongst the communities.

May Stable Vision Group grow stronger and bring benefits to more individuals!





20 years ago, I can be liken to an underground seed that was almost invisible to everyone, but I was lucky to be planted into Stable Vision Group, whose fertile land had helped me grow strong and healthy. What is more fortunate was, I met a group of farmers (colleagues in Stable Vision Group) whom never gave up on me and always being supportive, all these had shaped a better version of me today!

I dare not say all my achievements until today were marvellous, but my performance is quite well known in the industry. Throughout the years, it is my belief and passion that helped me with the following achievements: –

My efforts were recognized by various industry awards;

Had the opportunities to travel around the world, broaden my perceptions;

Hard works bear fruits in building my business;

Earning recognitions as we worked hand-in-hand and grew with the agency group;

Always be grateful, and this created better values in me.

To fly high like an eagle, you first need a spacious platform as the blue sky, I found mine in Stable Vision which transformed me into a better person. I know how to dream big and make my dreams come true, balancing the aspects of an individual, career, lifestyle and family.

I was once led by the leaders in the Group and now a leader myself, I promised to lead Stable Vision Group, continue to excel and achieving greater milestones in future. We’ll celebrate countless anniversaries ahead!







His philosophy in running an insurance agency is to dare to dream, be bold to changes and never stop being innovative. His mission is to develop more entrepreneurs among the life insurance field force, build a highly productive agency team. As long as everyone in the team is committed to a common goal, he believes that we can build our own dynasty.

From an ignorant electrical engineer working in the States, transformed into a MDRT qualifier and recognized by various million dollars awards, Enddy truly believes in “time is money”, acting fast and boldly to determine one’s success in business.

As a District Manager and having engaged in the industry for 14 years, Enddy has vast experience and professionalism in insurance sales. He has also developed a numbers of MDRT qualifiers and Group Managers. Furthermore, he is also the designated speaker of AIA specifically in sharing practical sales experience. He is very proud of his agency group which consists of his partners who are working towards a same dream. He is confident that his team, Empire Agency will soon achieve its sales target of RM10 million.

Stable Vision is a place where he called ‘home’. He learned their core values – gratitude, respectful and sincere, and the home has offered him the gateway to make his dream comes true, that is the dream for the birth of Empire Agency.



身爲擁有14年豐富經驗與保險專業的區經理,他也栽培了數位MDRT會員和組經理。此外,他也是一位公司御用的實戰經驗講師。而最令他自豪的是他現在擁有一群跟他一起打拼的好夥伴。他相信,Empire Agency一定會成爲一個突破千萬的團隊。

Stable Vision是他的家。

這個家讓他深悟什麽是感恩,尊重與坦誠。這個家也給了他一個實現夢想的配方。這個夢也就是他的團隊 – 皇朝組織。


Dicky met his biggest downfall in October, 1995. Something drastic happened in the company he had invested in, resulted in him being kicked out by his business partners.  There was no turning point at that moment. “I have no choice but decided to become an insurance agent because that’s how I can start a business without any funds. I hope it bestow another opportunity here.” However, luck wasn’t on his side those years, not only was he being humiliated, shamed or even kicked out by people with a broom, he was unable to get any sales done. 

Nonetheless, every insurance man knows, success comes within the accumulations of being turned down. When Dicky was having doubts whether he can continue with his insurance business, his mother supported him financially, pulled him out from the dark hole he was slipping in helplessly, and slowly, he found the key to success.

After 5 years as an insurance agent, Dicky’s hard works showed some results, he bought a property. In the year 2000, and after his marriage, Dicky’s insurance business started growing stronger, he hits MDRT targets for more than 10 years. All the time, he believes in social responsibility, and is actively engaged in social welfares, charity programs, conscientiously contributed and benefitted the local community.

His Mission: To grow his agency team to be amongst the 10 million dollars groups, and to develop more of his Group Managers to become MDRT qualifiers.