Just like eating, sleep is something everyone needs and enjoys. And similar to how you need the know-how to eat well, sleeping well requires a little insight too so that every moment of shut-eye gets you feeling better when you awake. It all boils down to the positions you take when sleeping! Read on to learn how you can improve your sleep quality just by picking the right sleeping position for you.



With a variation of it named Soldier, it’s no wonder why many consider this position to be one of the healthiest! Liked by troopers and approved by sleep experts alike, sleeping on your back helps to align your spine and distribute your body weight across evenly. You could even add a small pillow under your knees for extra support and comfort for better sleep.

boy sleeps with teddy bears


  • Flattened back position helps align your body with ease
  • Helps keep spine straightened to prevent neck aches
  • Prevents wrinkling by keeping your face from smushing into the pillow


  • Difficult for those with sleep apnea or snoring
  • Causes lower back pain if not properly supported


Considered the most popular position by the National Sleep Foundation, sleeping on your side is a hit among the majority due to its comfortability and many benefits. In addition to being the perfect position for spooning, it is also recommended by doctors to sleep on your left side as it helps to alleviate pressure from your internal organs.

boy sleeps on side with teddy bear


  • Helps reduce the tendency for snoring and sleep apnea
  • Putting a pillow between your legs helps to align your spine better
  • More conducive for sleep for those with lower back pain


woman sleeps on side hugging pillow


  • Causes face wrinkling after extended contact with pillow
  • May cause pain in the shoulders
  • Sleeping on your right side can put pressure on the lungs and stomach


Extending from the side-sleep, this variation is even more well-preferred and provides more comfort for those eager to snuggle and snooze. The fetal position is famed for being the best choice for pregnant women. Just remember to keep yourself loose and relaxed when curling up.

pregnant woman sleeping fetal


  • Lightens the load of your abdomen to improve blood circulation to the heart
  • Sleeping on the left can also ease heartburns and acid reflux
  • Provides better conditions for the brain to process and clear waste, which may aid in preventing neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s


  • Curling up too tightly can result in difficulty of breathing and joint pain


Sleeping in this position isn’t going to do you much favours as its negative effects may heavily outweigh the positive. Despite it protecting you from surprise belly rubs, this position wedges your head to one side and straightens your spine in an unnatural position throughout the night – easily causing soreness in the neck and lower back pain in the morning.

woman sleeping on stomach


  • Reduces snoring and sleep apnea


  • Causes lower back pain and neck aches
  • Creates pressure on muscles and joints
  • Causes face wrinkling and sagging from prolonged facial contact with the pillow