Phuah Siew Geok

After completing my SPM,like many others my dream was to continue with my studies overseas. But not coming from a rich family, I had no choice but start working. My first job was as a cashier in a café in which my father had a share with another partner. Starting with a pay of only RM700.00,I always think I can do better in my life and I learn to start a business but that requires capital and I did not have much money.

Finally I did, I spent a year attending a hair styling course in Kuala Lumpur and then open a hair salon with a capital of Rm6,500.00. Due to a lack of experience, I faced much difficulties and frustration with the business. And I was not making much money either. At wits end, I closed down the salon after one and a half year.

Then I decided to try my hand at being a car salesperson. I chose to sell continental cars and I felt that this was a real challenge since cars were not very popular in Malaysia in those days. I was quite successful at it for a while. However, It was still my desire to start my own business and I started looking around again for opportunities.

It was then August 1995, this time I did something most people do not. I walked into an insurance agency office and I asked to be an agent. The manager gave me a PCE handbook and enrolled me for the exam. Still not sure as to whether I was doing the right thing, I skipped the exam. However, the manager was quite persistent and he enrolled me for the exam again and talked me in to sitting for it. This time I did and I passed. And this was the turning point in my career and it changed my life forever. I have finally found what I was looking for…

My very first client was my friend. Having successfully closed my first sale, it built my confidence but I was still holding to the job in car sales. And then I closed my second sale, and then the third… After 2 years and numerous sales later, I made the decision to turn full time in insurance sales. There are basically 3 reasons for this. I was beginning to see the money I was earning and I feel that I could even earn much more if I am doing it full time. Most importantly, I began to love and enjoy what I was doing.

After almost 18 years in this industry, I have learned to appreciate what I was doing for other people around me, I felt that I have helped many of my client in times of their need. This gives me a lot of satisfaction and I really feel that I am doing something good and wonderful in life.

I am no longer the young girl I used to be at 18. From renting a room then I am now living in a nice house with luscious garden. From driving a Proton Wira then, I am now driving a BMW. From eating in coffee shop, I am now dining in 5 star hotels although from time to time I still like to go back at eat at my favorite stalls in coffee shops. I pay for my father’s monthly allowance alone without the need for any of my other siblings to chip in. I have made it in life. But money is no longer the main motivation for me in this business….

It is that wonderful feeling of satisfaction I experience looking at all the people I have helped and the learning and growth I have acquired over the years in this industry that really keeps me going.



There are no real short cuts in life, it is always hardwork that pays

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