Wong Bun Hin

Mr. Wong Bun Hin lives life as a newborn, without fears or expectations…daring to try everything new and learn from every mistake he makes. Although he studied electrical engineering in the States, he chose not to work in the field of studies and instead ventured into Insurance. He was very interested in marketing, and he felt that the only field that could bring quick enough success at that point of time was insurance. So it was worth a try.

He started as a part time insurance agent when he was 24 year old holding down a permanent job in engineering. He realized that he was earning more from his part time job than his permanent job and felt that it was unfair to do both things at once. He decided to give up his engineering job since he was still young without many commitments. He felt that it was worth a try and he always had his engineering degree to fall on if insurance didn't work well for him. He believed that it was now or never.

So he became a full time insurance agent in 2003 to dedicate more time to the industry and to gain more trust from his customers, constantly trying to find ways to upgrade himself. He achieved the MDRT award in a year’s of full time insurance servicing and was raised to become Business Development Manager the next year. He managed to rope in 8 more agents and formed a strong team that worked hard.

All the end year 2007, his team achieved star unit and 3 team members promoted to Group Sales Managers and 4 promoted to Assistant Sales Managers. Hence, early of year 2008, he successfully achieved the highest rank in insurance industry, that is, Agency Manager. With his young and dynamic team members, Empire Agency was formed with the aim to build more young entrepreneurs.

For the year of 2010 and 2011, Empire Agency achieved another greater height, Star Agency and Akard Award. In order to build a stronger team and train more new stars in financial planning industry, Mr. Wong set up Stable Vision Wealth Management Sdn Bhd at the heart of new Puchong city, IOI Boulevard. He believes that the journey to greater success will be even sweeter to savor! Last but not least, he takes the opportunity to thank his wife for going through the ups and downs of his career with him and he’d also like to thank everyone in the team for going through the bittersweet journey to success.

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