Ching Mee Fen

Since graduated with Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from National University of Malaysia, Stephenie was employed as a Financial Executive at Maybank. Meantime, she furthered her study after hectic work at bank. Finally, she managed to finish her MBA from University of Dubugue, USA in year 2002.

Thereafter, she joint AIA and did well in her career by achieving numerous luxurious foreign trips from company such as Switzerland, Germany, Sydney, Tokyo Japan, Las Vegas, Greece etc.

In year 2010 and 2011, she achieved another greater height in her career by fulfilling MDRT and Akard Award PERSONAL Platinum quota. These are the international awards that recognize her efforts and talents in financial planning industry.

From the bottom of her heart, she enjoys this career so much, because she has chance to widen her networking. At the same time, she gets the best of both worlds ,that is balance between family and work.

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